Monday, June 1, 2015


The beauties of Earth.
On Friday, we were walking to the chapel on our way to Sport's Night. We were running late and were trying to make up for lost time. As we briskly walked, we quickly overtook an elderly woman with her grocery bags. She turned towards a bench as I hesitated thinking maybe we could help. Seeing that she had moved to the bench, I assumed she was there to stay for a moment. But as we kept going both Elder Bailey and I turned back and saw that she was on the move again. We went a few more steps and decided we would head back. As we came up, we offered to help. She kindly declined explaining that she was 88 years old, and this was good exercise for her. We walked the rest of the way with her and had a nice discussion. She told us that it's not often she meets such nice kids, and it was a pleasant surprise for her. I hope that we get to see her again another day, but for me, that moment of joy, made that day worth it. 

As promised, the kebab pizza. I'm getting hungry as I write this.

Reza and Majeed are two Persians who were baptized the week before I came to Malmö. We continue to meet with them to make sure they have an understanding of the Church and its teachings. The Church has translated The Book of Mormon into many different languages, but Persian is one that is still in process. The resources that are available at my fingertips in English dwarf that which are found in Persian. But these two found their witness through a piece of that knowledge. They took a slice of the cake of The Book of Mormon, and they find it to be good. It is a process that required prayer and work on their part. But the journey hasn't stopped there. The Church has not had the opportunity for growth in many countries in the Middle East. But here in Sweden, these men were given the invitation to join Jesus Christ's church, and they accepted. The growth is small in comparison to other nations, but they are the frontrunners of their nation. We get the opportunity, because of the policies of Sweden, to reach out to many nations. This is the land of Sweden, but we work with the children of God.

Book of Mormon: Messages from Heaven

God Is Our Father

The aromatic scent of flowers in the area takes me back to Palo Alto.

One of our other activities for the week also included fixing the flagpole in front of the chapel. We took the pole down and did some work on it. A few adjustments and we had the pole back up in no time. Then, we got the opportunity to hoist the colors. There is a lot more ceremony involved with the American flag. But it still evokes some pride in the Swedes' hearts.  A little girl with her mom was passing by on bike, and she got her mom to stop. They waited until the flag was up and waving in the wind, and then they went on their way. I wake up every morning in Malmö, Sweden, and it is just the way things are. Swedish is just a part of the daily routine, and I find that I don't always take the time to think about how special this time is for me. But that little reminder of the flag, something out of the ordinary helped me to remember, I am in Sweden. It is an ocean away from home, but I find myself thinking of it as my home more and more. 

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