Monday, August 24, 2015

Malmöfestivalen, Loud Applause, Pildammsparken, Rediscover the Gift of the Gospel

This last week has been Malmöfestivalen. It's basically a carnival that gets set up all over the streets in Malmö. There are rides, games, and food tents, which was about the only place we visited. Last Monday, after searching through about one hundred options of food choices, I decided to go for the reindeer kebab. It was a good day.
The green sign on the side said, "Feel free to play a tune." So Elder Rowley played a wonderful rendition of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. And at one point in the song, loud applause was heard. If you can see the little green between Elder Rowley's head and the pillar, that was a tv screen. The cheering was for Malmö FF the fotboll team here. But other people did enjoy the music as well.
Pildammsparken - I am always amazed by this park. It's almost like it comes out of a fairytale. In the middle is a circular section of grass, surrounded on all sides by these trees. 
Short and sweet :)  Tuesday, we got on a bus and started talking with a guy. He's here studying at the World Maritime University, and he was curious about who we were. He comes from China, where missionaries are not a common sight. We began talking to him about what we do. He was on his way home after class, but he asked if he could come with us to our next appointment. Naturally, we agreed. As we went, we continued to talk and it came around to The Book of Mormon. We have been reading through it with him and helping him to come to know Christ. It's a delight for me to help someone gain knowledge that I have had seemingly my whole life, and I am grateful that have this chance to rediscover the gift of the gospel. 

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