Monday, July 20, 2015


When I saw the paint roller, I instantly thought of Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, and I knew I had to use it. They never showed the pain that is in your neck after doing that for 30 minutes or so. 
We had the opportunity this week to help renovate a bedroom. It all started with taking down the wallpaper, which seems nonexistent in the US, and is almost finished. This project has one again reminded me how important tools are to get work done. We had a steamer that would melt the glue and make it much easier to peel the wallpaper away. Unfortunately, there was only one steamer, so in the meantime, we would chip away, bit by bit. But, it was an experience that I have never had, and may never get the chance to have again. Then we spackled and sanded the room, and made it a smooth surface. Again, the sanding would have taken hours by hand, but we got to use a pretty heavy duty sander. It made all the difference. We are now in the painting stages, with hopes to complete the project before they travel. It's been a fun project and helps break up the routine. 

Scraping wallpaper is serious business.

On Tuesday we had a specialized Zone Training. Which basically means that President and Sister Beckstrand came down to say hello and see how we are doing. It was a good time. The group that I came to the Sweden with was all there. We have now assumed the nickname "The Flock." But as a Zone, we had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the Book of Mormon. It has been enlightening for me. I have always gained wisdom and counsel from the Book of Mormon, but the recent focus on it has led me to look even deeper. There is so much to this book. And it excites me to think about all the knowledge I have yet to discover. Not only that, but it was real people who wrote this book. There are stories of parents urging their sons to try and improve their direction in life. Kings teaching their people the equality and importance of all. A leader who struggled to lead an army that were deaf to his counsel, yet wanted him to lead them. The triumphs and the struggles of multiple leaders all trying to defend their life, liberty, and family. This book is filled with people, who have had real experiences. And we can learn from them. They have written them down for our benefit. It is filled with pleadings from their souls and praises to our God. My love and respect for the Book of Mormon and all those who sacrificed their lives to bring it to us today grows as I truly seek to learn and understand. And that makes life a gift. You never know what you will find when you open the book, hungry for knowledge. 

I mentioned that we made some saft last week, and the results blew my mind. I expected it to be good, but it surpassed all my expectations. And perhaps it comes with a sort of sense of pride, knowing that we picked the flowers and made the concoction that now graces our table. But, from a purely non-biased opinion, it turned out perfect. 

Elder Taggart thought this picture was very well built. With the focus moving in towards the setting sun. Another glimpse of Malmö, through the window of a bus.

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